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Following is a list of our most popular options.  Most options can be added to any trailer.  Please call for more information about any option not listed here.

Due to the ever-changing price of metal, and therefore our trailers, we have been forced to stop posting our trailer prices on this site.  Please call our office at (405) 784-2233 for the best price available.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Trailer Options


Reconditioned wheel to white mod, add ea.  

New 205 tires (4) on new mods


New 235-15 tires (4)


New 700-15, 8-ply tires (4)


New spare, 205, 5-hole


New spare, 235, 5 hole


New spare, 700-15, 8-ply, 5 or 6-hole


New spare, 235-16, 10-ply, 8-hole


235-16 10 ply radials (upgrade from 700-15 8-ply 6-hole)


Used spare, 5-hole (reconditioned wheel)


New white mod wheel w/ used tire


Spare rack


Lock bracket for spare rack


Brakes (per axle-electric)


Surge brake w/5,ooo lb. hydraulic actuator


Bulldog jack


7000 lb. Bulldog coupler


2 5/16 Bulldog coupler (upgrade from 2 BD)


Slide-in 4 ramps


Slide-in 5 ramps


Fold-up ramps (upgrade from 5 slide-in)


4 Ramps (carry-out, pair)


5 Ramps (carry-out, pair)


Heavy-duty rod and foot on ramps (add price over slide-in ramps)


Gooseneck (upgrade from bumper-pull)


48 Tailgate (60 wide)


48 Tailgate (77 wide)


Steel floor (add per 4)


Chain bin (in tongue)


3x2x3/16 frame to 3x4x1/4 frame


Extra cross members, 3x2x3/16 angle (ea.)


3 channel (upgrade from 3x2 3/16 angle)


Extra cross members, 3 channel (ea.)


Extra stake-pockets (ea. installed)


D-rings (ea. installed)


Rear hitch


440 Tail light protectors (ea.)


Extra length (add per 24)

Square back, add  

Extra-wide (82 inside fenders)


Dove-tail (same length trailer)


Step plate (ea. installed)


24 Tall sides (add per 8 of trailer length)


Expanded metal for 12 sides (add per 8 trailer length)


Expanded metal for 24 sides (add per 8 trailer length)


Teardrop fenders


Diamond-plate teardrop fenders (upgrade from straight fenders)


Tread-plate fender backs


Diamond-plate single-axle fenders (upgrade from regular fenders)


Seal-beam lights


7,000 lb. Bulldog drop-leg jack (upgrade from Atwood)


10,000 lb. Bulldog drop-leg jack (upgrade from Atwood)


Prices and specifics were current as of last update (05/10/2005) but are subject to change.


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