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Site Updates Archive
I used to post changes here... but now I don't.  Here's from when I did.

10 October 2007
Added pictures to "Current Asher" Gallery
Updated Asher History
Removed Obit Section (no longer doing)


Took a big 'ole break from the site.


February 2007
Added Asher Scrapbook
Added Old Beck Article
Added Asher as County Seat Article


14 January 2007... It's Cold!
Cleaned up a few more pages.
Fixed a problem with the "Old Asher" Gallery

08 January 2007
Continuing the site design update.

05 Dec 2006
Added a "1913" Community Directory.
A logo... finally!

Updated Asher History

Continued Redesign

Updated Area Events
Updated School Remodel Gallery
Began Site Redesign


14 August 06
Added photos to Old 18, School Remodel, and Present Day Photo Galleries.
Cleaned up Articles and Pictures a bit.

10 August 06
Added short article on "Old 18"

08 August 06
Added Area Cemeteries

Added Present-Day Photo Gallery

July & August
Updated PDF Newspaper Articles
Area events were added.

03 March 2006
Added PDF file with all newspaper articles.
Minor changes to Articles and Pictures

28 February 2006
Added new pictures to the Photo Gallery.

22 January 2006
Area events were updated.
Added Asher in the News page.

01 Jan 2006
Added article links to some important events.
Updated community directory.

31 Dec 2005
Added some pictures.
Added a new Photo Gallery.

28 Nov 2005
Area Events were updated.

09 Nov 2005
Added some full-text articles

05 Nov 2005
Your Submissions and Item Request pages merged into one new page, Donate or Receive Content.
Asher Story expanded.

03 Nov 2005
Area Events were updated.

02 Nov 2005
Important Events added to Asher Story page.
Quick Facts added to Asher Story page.
Asher Story page  renamed History and Facts.
Asher Story article expanded slightly, more to come.

01 Nov 2005
Added various pictures to the sites' pages.

31 Oct 2005
Added an alternate list for those receiving an error when trying to view articles.

30 Oct 2005
Area Events were updated.
Community Directory was created.
More work toward site appearance consistency.

18 Sept 2005
Area Events were updated.

07 Aug 2005
Working on a new look for the site and new web address has been created.

30 Jul 2005
Added a few pictures to the galleries and published list of Asher articles.


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