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  Asher Church of Christ

  Asher Fire Department

  Asher First Baptist Church

  Asher Public School

  Chambers Meat Goats

  Holt Flooring Center

  Holt Trailer Mfg. & Sales

  Tammy Odell Photog.

  Meals on Wheels

  Okla. Role Models


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Welcome To Asher, Oklahoma    

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Welcome to the site for Asher, Oklahoma.  Now a small community of a little over 400 people located between Ada and Shawnee, Asher was once a bustling oil community with prospects of becoming a grand city.  This site focuses on those years through photographs and articles.


If you're visiting the site for the first time, you may want to start with the Flickr photo collections.  If you're in to history and have some spare time, download the newspaper article archive and dive into Asher's past.  Or, for the quick version, read about Asher's history.


I hope you'll participate in the site.    Leave a comment about a photo in the Flickr photo collections, donate a picture or other item, or just join the mailing list and stay on top of updates.  Enjoy! -Brad






What's New

Article:  Asher Bank Robberies  NEW
In the roughly 30 years Asher had banks, they were robbed four times.  Learn more about these robberies and read a recollection of one by the son of a man who lived to tell about it.

Full-Text Articles  UPDATED!

I have updated the PDF file with all the Asher related articles!

Photos on Flickr  NEW
I've posted all of the Asher pictures, both past and present, on Flickr, a photo-sharing site.  All new photos will be posted to Flickr rather than this site.  This makes it easier to post and share the photos. 
I've also tagged many photos to help you find people better.  Learn more.

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