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Addresses to Add to Your Favorites!


The address to the pictures posted on Flickr is  While it’s best to have an account and be signed in before you start viewing, it’s not necessary.  If you’re not signed in, you won’t be able to leave comments or look at photos and scrapbooks marked “private.”  See: Creating an Account (or signing in if you’ve already got one).


I’ll post information about updates on my Blog, Be sure to visit it occasionally to see what has changed.

Creating an Account (or signing in if you’ve already got one)

You can create an account right on Flickr.  You can also log-in if you already have an account.  Here’s how:

From the home page

On the home page, in the upper right hand corner, there are options for “Create Your Account” or

 “Sign In.”  If you’ve never created a Flicker account, you’ll need to…yes… click “Create Your Account.”  If you’ve already done that, you can just click “Sign In.”

From a picture page 

Under each picture, there’s an option to comment.  Under that, there’s links to “Sign up” and “sign in.”  If you’ve never created a Flicker account, you’ll need to click “Sign up.”  If you’ve already done that, you can just click “sign in.”

Follow the instructions

If you are creating an account, just follow the instructions from there.  If you already have a Yahoo! ID, be sure to use that just to make things a little simpler

Find Pictures using Tags

The easiest way to find a picture with a particular person or persons in it is to use tags.  Each picture is tagged with the people in it.  It may also be tagged with an event, like Sports, and the location it was taken, among other things.

Getting to the tags

From my Flickr home page, look for the link for “Sets” underneath “Asher OK's photos.” Give it a good click.  At first, it only lists 150 of the most recent tags.  At the bottom, there’s an option to see all tags.  Click that and you’ll see an alphabetical list of all tags.  Just click any name to see all the pictures with that person in it.

Advanced tag search

You can also search for a picture that has two or more people in it, in addition to an event, like Christmas.  For whatever reason, I can’t find how you can get to this from the Flickr page.  Maybe it’s a secret, I don’t know.  You have to go directly to this page: Here's a little more help about using advanced tags:


The first page you will see will look something like the sample below.  You'll want to click "Show all tags" so you can see everything.  Those tags at the top are the most popular and they will stay at the top and will not mix in with the less popular tags at the bottom.  Kind of like high school.

Now, once you've clicked "Show all tags" you'll see something similar to the sample below appear.  These are all the tags available (remember those popular ones stay up top).  They are formatted lastnamefirstname.  For women, be sure to check maiden names and married names because, frankly, it could be under either.  For all names--if you can't find who you're looking for, check for the first name first and also for possible misspellings.  Hey, people make mistakes.  Not me, but some people.


Click any tag to see all the pictures that person is in.  If you're being adventurous, you can check two or more tags and then at the bottom choose "all" or "any" and then click "DISPLAY PHOTOS."  For example, you could check "bucklerclaude" and "sports," choose "all" and you will see sports related pictures with Claude Buckler in them (if you chose "any" you would get all sports pictures and all pictures with Claude Buckler in them).  I don't recommend being too adventurous at this point though.  There just aren't enough pictures tagged yet for that to be successful very often.


If there are any results, you will get some photo thumbnails.  Click those thumbnails for the big version.  Once your done, click your browsers "back" button twice and start over again.


How tags are formatted

Tags have to be all one word, without spaces, so they look a little confusing.  Here’s some things to keep in mind

  • For names, it will be formatted lastnamefirstname.
  • Be sure to check both maiden and married names for women.  I won't necessarily know that Jane Doe and Jane Doan are the same person, so check for doejane and doanjane.
  • Remember to check for nicknames and legal names.   A lot of times a picture will be identified as with a nickname on one picture and a legal name on another picture.  Again, I won't know that these are the same person, so check for both tags.

How you can help with tags

If you notice any of the following issues, please let me know by either making a comment on a picture or contacting me.

  • A tag is misspelled.
  • A person is listed under two tags (such as a legal name and a nick name or a maiden name and a married name).
  • A person tagged is not in the picture.

Browse Pictures using Collections and Sets

If you just want to browse pictures, you can use the Collections found on my Flickr home page.  Collections are broad categories which are further narrowed down into Sets.

Other places you’ll see Collections and Sets

To the right of any picture you click to view, it will list what Collection and Set that photo is in.  It may be in more than one.  Click the link to see the other pictures in that Collection or Set.

Leaving a Comment on a Photo

Comments are good!  If you recognize a picture, please help me out by making a comment.  Please be as descriptive as you can. Here's some reasons you might leave a comment:

  • If the ID of the picture is incorrect or the ID of the picture if it's not indicated.

  • If you know where and/or when the picture was taken (if it's not indicated).

  • If you recall something interesting about the photo (leave a short story).

  • You found a family remember or other person you were looking for (helps motivate me to keep doing this!).

Leaving a comment if you don’t have an account/not signed in

Actually, you can’t.  Sorry about that.  See: “Creating an Account (or signing in if you’ve already got one).”  Or if you just don't want to sign up for Flickr, you can contact me with any information you might have.  Please include the picture filename.

Leaving a comment if you’re signed in.

Under every picture, there’s a box to leave a comment.  Just use your words and then click “Post Comment.”

Viewing Different Sizes / Downloading a Picture

You can usually view a larger size than the one that is initially shown.  You can also download most pictures to your computer.

Viewing different sizes

To view a different size picture than what is initially shown, just click the “All Sizes” link right above the picture and below the name.  From there, you will be viewing a larger sized picture and will be given options to view other sizes.

Download the picture to your computer

If you want to download the picture to your computer, first follow the instructions above to choose the size picture you want to download.  Then, click the link for “Download the X size.”



Finding out More about a Picture

On the right hand side of your screen (you may need to scroll down) there will be additional information about any picture you click to view.


This will list what tags this picture contains.  You can click any tag to see other pictures that person (or event or place) is in.

Place taken

This will show where the picture was taken.  You can also pull up a map to view other pictures taken at this location.  This item will not appear on all pictures.

Note:  Photos marked taken in “Avoca” were taken north of Asher.

Date taken

This will show the date the photo was taken.  You can click the date to see other pictures taken on that same day. 

Note:  The date taken is automatically generated and will often be wrong on older pictures.  If I scanned a picture, for example, that’s the date that might be shown because there’s not way for the computer to know when it was actually taken.

Different sizes

This is another place you can click to view and download different sized pictures.


This will list whether the picture is public (can be viewed by anyone) or private (can only be viewed by my Flickr members, signed in, with “family” level access).


Let me know if you have any questions.   Hope to see you on flickr!



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