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Tecumseh, Oklahoma was originally the county seat of Pottawatomie County.  In late 1930, a long-standing war between Shawnee and Tecumseh escalated when voters approved measures to move the seat to Shawnee.  A 1931 spin-off of this feud was the move for the creation of a new county, to be named Petroleum County.  The new county would be composed of prime oil-producing land, including the southern half of Pottawatomie County and portions of Seminole, Pontotoc and McClain Counties. 

The move was started by Tecumseh supporters who wanted to make Shawnee’s county seat victory as hollow as possible by removing the most valuable section of the county.  Asher was slated to be the county seat and it was planned that the greater part of Tecumseh would move down to form an impressive community.  There was a paper--The Petroleum County Times—produced, meetings held and petitions circulated.  However, the measure never progressed further as times were not favorable for the creation of a new county.


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