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Introduction: Downtown Asher is located on old SH 18, which was once one of Oklahoma's longest north-south highways.  Oklahoma State Highway 18 was commissioned in August of 1924 and, at one time, traveled from Dickson, Oklahoma (11 miles east of Ardmore) to Shidler, Oklahoma at the Kansas border.  US 177 replaced the highway between Dickson and Shawnee in 1967.   

Dickson to Asher:  US 177 runs roughly on top of the previous SH 18 between Dickson and Asher, Oklahoma, therefore only a few small segments of the original highway remain through that stretch.

Asher to Shawnee:  Much of the old highway from south of Asher to Tecumseh, Oklahoma still remains. Remnants of the old highway begin north of the curve just before US 177 junctions with SH 3W, south of the Canadian River. SH 18 (now US 177) originally continued straight ahead and then turned slightly ahead of where US 177 does now. The existing old highway runs parallel west of US 177 for about a mile, before terminating short of the Canadian River. Originally, the highway continued straight for about another 1/2 mile (taking it over the river) before veering east and then back north. The cement supports of the old bridge can still be seen if you look westward at the north and south banks, while crossing the Canadian River bridge (coincidentally, the bridge may return to that location if reports of replacing the Canadian River Bridge are true).

Much of the section after the river and before the highway intersects with SH 39 has been lost due to another bridge being removed. The existing highway picks up again after a second removed bridge and 7/10 of a mile before intersecting with SH 39 south of Asher. The highway continues north through Asher (here named Division Street) for 1 1/2 miles before again veering east and then once more travels roughly north. The road is mostly intact except for a small area near Pearson, Oklahoma where it is rerouted to cross SH 59. North of Pearson is the Salt Creek Bridge, a 120' long OSHC standard design, built in 1930.

Near Macomb, Oklahoma the old highway again travels parallel and very near to US 177. The highway is interrupted once because of the removed Little River Bridge before reaching the Brooksville, Oklahoma area. Here, the highway is slightly rerouted to cross US 177 (veering west) and then heads north toward Tecumseh. The designation "Old 18" ends here as the highway has been absorbed into city streets, although it appears the highway traveled east down what is now Highland, then north on Broadway and continued to Shawnee on what is now Gordon Cooper Drive/Beard Street. Beard Street intersects with Farrall Street in Shawnee, which is the current SH 18. East of this intersection, SH 18 ends and loops into US 177. West of the intersection, Farrell veers north and merges into Harrison Street. At this point, 18 continues as a current state highway.  If you are interested in SH 18 from this point, you can visit this website.

Highway Notes

  • At its furthest, Old 18 rests 1 1/2 miles east of its replacement, US 177. 

  • There is roughly 20 miles of drivable road designated "Old 18" between US 177 / SH 3W Junction south of Asher and Tecumseh, although it can not be driven continuously.

  • The longest uninterrupted stretch of Old 18 is about 14.5 miles, between Asher and the Little River near Brooksville.

  • Except for a 1 1/2 mile repaved stretch through Asher, Old 18 shows its original concrete construction (although heavily patched with pavement).

  • The curved edges and poor drainage of the highway can make it dangerous during heavy rain as it greatly retains water.

  • Asher School, Gymnasium, Baseball Parks, and Senior Citizen's Center as well as several homes are located on Old 18.

  • Asher's market, Green's Market (closed in 1985) was located on Old 18.  The building, although in disrepair, remains (picture in photo gallery).

  • Pettigrew's feed and store was also located on Old 18.  This building also still remains.

  • The original Canadian River Bridge was in use from 1921 to 1967 (although I'm not sure when it was removed)

Highway Revision History

Commission Date



Beginning SH 18 designation


Designation SH 18 beginning on SH 11 in Osage County to Sulphur


Designation SH 18 extension from US 70 south to Murray Lake


Cancellation SH 18 from US 70 south to Lake Murray


Removal SH 18 from US 70 south to Lake Murray


Relocation SH 18 to US 70 north


Relocation SH 18 north of Tecumseh


Relocation SH 18 & SH 13 south of Asher


Designation relocation US 270 on SH 18 in Shawnee


Redesignation SH 18 as US 177 in Tecumseh


Redesignation SH 18 north of Fairfax


Relocation SH 18 south of Shidler


Relocation SH 18 southeast of Burbank


Addition SH 11 on to SH 18 from Shidler to US 60


Relocation SH 18 in Shawnee


Relocation SH 18 & SH 33 at Cushing


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The sign above was taken before Old 18 crosses US 177 near Brooksville.

About the shields in the article:  The yellow highway shield was used when highway 18 was built.  The black background with white circle shield was in use until 2006.  It is now being replaced by the outline of the state on white background.


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