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1913 Ads

View some Ads from Asher businesses in 1913 on this new page.


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My photos are now available on-line at flickr.  Check it out!


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Pictures and Articles
Following are all the pictures and articles I currently have posted on-line.

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Following are the available photo collections available on Flickr.  You may save copies of photos in the galleries or distribute them freely, but they are not to be sold.  If you use a photo in any work, I would appreciate an acknowledgement of www.asherok.info


I BEG OF YOU!  I don't often beg, so this must be important.  Flickr makes it really easy to comment on any picture you view.  Just click in the box under the picture and type away.  If you have any (and I mean any) knowledge of a picture you're viewing, please share.  You can identify people in the picture, provide a date or location, recall a story about the place... whatever.  One caveat- you have to have a Flickr account.  It's easy to sign up, but if you don't want to, you can use this shared account--  User Name:  AsherVisitor (one word)  Password:  asher74826 (all lower case).


Collection & Link Description
Photographs of the early days of Asher, featuring buildings and people.  Sets include:  School Classes, Sports & School Activities, Banks, Stores, Markets & Mills, Stations & Garages, Churches, Other Businesses & Town Misc.
Photographs taken recently.  Sets include: Modern-day Asher and School Remodel - Summer 2006.
Publications, both old and new.  Sets include:  The Alligator - Oct. 1913, Asher Chieftain Yearbook - 1948, Memories of 1965-66, Asher Indian 1961 and Asher Scrapbook.


HEY!  I'm looking for other yearbooks to scan.  Do you have one?

Photographs of other communities I just happen to have.  Some towns included are:  Ada, Shawnee, Wanette and Sacred Heart.

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If you're looking for a picture with a particular person in it, I'm working on something to help you out.  Eventually all my pictures will be tagged with the people in it.  So, all you have to do is click the person you're looking for, and it will show you all the pictures that person is in.  I've got several done--several to go--but try it out and see if you find anyone you know.  GET STARTED HERE

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If you're new to Flickr and need a little help getting started, I've created a short instruction sheet.  You'll learn how to view pictures, use tags, view larger pictures, save pictures to your computer and more.  HEAD ON OVER TO HELP


IMPORTANT! I am no longer maintaining or adding to the the galleries on this site, but if you'd prefer not to use flickr, you can still access those here I've posted all of the Asher pictures, both past and present, on Flickr, a photo-sharing site.  All new photos will be posted to Flickr rather than this site.  This makes it easier to post, share and comment on the photos.


Newspaper and Other Articles
These are all articles I currently have.  I will add to this list and update occasionally, so remember to check back.  If you would like to request an item, click here

Type Last Update Description
Newspaper Archive 06 FEB 08 Full text PDF of all the Asher newspaper articles I have from 1902 to the last update. LARGE DOWNLOAD | REQUIRES ADOBE READER
"The Alligator"
Also available in Photo Gallery
Final The first (October 1913) issue of a monthly paper published by Asher High School.   LARGE DOWNLOAD | REQUIRES ADOBE READER
"Old 18" 14 Jan 06 A short history of Old State Highway 18.   IN PROGRESS
Asher Scrapbook
Also available in Photo Gallery
23 Jan 07 An on-line scrapbook featuring Asher's history through photographs and articles.  LARGE DOWNLOAD | REQUIRES ADOBE READER
"Old Beck" 17 Feb 07 A short history of "Old Beck" and Rock Island Railroad.   IN PROGRESS
"County Seat" 20 Feb 07 In 1931, Asher was being considered for a County Seat.  Well, kind of.   IN PROGRESS
"Asher Robberies" 08 Feb 08 In the roughly 30 years Asher had banks, they were robbed four times.   IN PROGRESS
"1913 Bus. Ads" Final Not so much an article, just a look at some interesting 1913 Asher businesses ads.  LINK CORRECTED
"1917 Businesses" Final Also not an article, but a look at some 1917 Asher businesses and what they sold.   NEW

Other Places to Search
Here are some other external sites that might be helpful.

See the Wikipedia articles in the info box at the top, left side of this page.

Free Archives Search
You can search the Shawnee New-Star archives for free from articles June 1997 to the present.  Go to www.news-star.com and look for the Search Archives box on the left-hand side, about half way down.  Free registration may be required.


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