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Adobe PDF Help
This PDF file contains the full text of the first issue (October 1913) of "The Alligator," a monthly paper published by Asher High School.  This is a moderately large file and will take about 5 minutes to download with a broadband connection.  It will open in a new page; it's best just to let it fully download before attempting to use it. 

  1. Get Adobe Reader (required if you do not already have it).
Download PDF file* (opens in a new window, return to this window while it's downloading).
  3. While waiting for the file to download, view the sample Adobe Acrobat page below if you are not familiar with the program.
  4. Check the other window in about 5 minutes to see if the file is finished downloading.

*To save the file to your computer for future viewing:
a. Right-click the link (PDF file) above.
b. Choose "Save Target As..." from the menu.
c. Using the drop down box beside "Save in:" choose a location that will be easy to find later, such as "Desktop" or "My Documents."
d. Click Save.  Once the file is finished downloading, it will appear in the location you selected.

(Note:  the image below is from the Asher Articles PDF.  There are no bookmarks in the "Alligator" PDF, nor can you search that document.)


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