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This is not an article, just a look at some 1917 businesses in Asher and in what business they were in.   If you have any information to add or notice a possible error, please feel free to contact me.


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From:  "Businesses, Manufacturers, Merchants and Tradesman      
for Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma"        
July 1917 - R.G. Dun Mercantile Agency Reference Book      
ASHER, Pottawatomie Co.--5 N        
(R D to St Louis and Vista)        
Pop 381--A banking town        
Trade Business Class EPS* GC**
Carpets, Dry Goods, Millinery, Notions, Smallwares Atkins W.M. Dry Goods, Clothing & Shoes J 4
Patent Meds Brandenburg Bros. Drugs D+ (d) 1 1/2
Provisions Brown J.L. Grocers M (None)
Blacksmiths, Carriages, Livery, Wagonmakers Bucklen R.B. Blacksmith L 3 1/2
Dept. Stores Burrows J.W. General Store G 3
(None) Choctaw Cotton Oil Co (None) (Br Shawnee) AA 1   
Blacksmiths, Carriages, Livery, Wagonmakers Estes J.W. Mfg. Cement Blocks & Blacksmith L 4
Groceries Farmer W.S. Grocers L 4
Groceries Ferguson J.S. Grocers M 4
Boilers, Electrical Supp, Engines, Machinery, Machinists' Supp.,  Giles & Ondes Telephone (None) (None)
    Metals, Railroad Supp, Steam Forges, Telephones        
Lumber Dealers, Saw Mills Gloyd S.M. Lumber (Br Oklahoma) A+ A1
Dept. Stores Hart E. General Store K 4
Provisions McCully J.E. Grocers & Mill L 3 1/2
Flour Dealer, Flour Mills, Grain, Grist Mills, Hay Odell N. Feed Mill M 3 1/2
(None) Paris & Royster Gin E (d) 2
Blacksmiths, Carriages, Livery, Wagonmakers Radford Bros. Blacksmith M (None)
Provisions Rodgers W.C. Grocers M (None)
Jewelers, Opticians, Watchmakers Snider K.R. (Mrs. N.R.) Jewelry & Photographer L 4
Ag'l Implts, General H'ware, Guns, Hardware, House Furn'g Stiff R.L. & Co. Hardware & Implements J 3
    Pumps, Sporting Goods, Stoves, Tin, Windmills        
Boilers, Electrical Supp, Engines, Machinery, Machinists' Supp.,  Timber Hill Telephone Co. (None)   M (None)
    Metals, Railroad Supp, Steam Forges, Telephones        
Dept. Stores Watson & Herndon General Store G 3 1/2
Provisions Weldon & Majors Grocers, Variety & Furniture J 4
*EPS: Estimated Pecuniary Strength.  Chart available.  Summary: AA highest (over $1,000,000), M lowest (less than $500)
**General Credit.  Chart available.  Summary: A1 highest ("high"), 4 lowest ("limited")
Absence of rating indicates the establishment was difficult to rate.  A detailed report could be made available.
Banks and Bankers        
Asher, Pottawatomie Co.        
Canadian Valley Bank………………………………………State      
P.C.$10,000……………………………....Surp. And U.P.$6,600      
D.F. Crist, Pr.; H.T. Douglas, V.P.        
V.V. Haney, Cas        
Corr--Southwest Nat. Bk.. Of Comm., K.C.:        
     Shawnee National        


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